The Schlegel family has been successfully outfitting for over 50 years, based out of Eagle County, Colorado. Our family is one of the oldest operating licensed outfitters, in the state of Colorado, with our 3rd and 4th generations running the business now. Year round we run working cattle ranches and each fall we take in hunters, along with summer pack trips.

We have permitted forest service camp sites in the flattops wilderness back country and permitted BLM camp sites on the north side of Castle Peak. Flattops wilderness - Area 25 & 26 is nestled in-between the the breathtaking views of Dome, Derby, Sheep and W Mountains. Castle Peak - Area 35 is below the lone peak of Castle. The area is a paridise for hunters, fisherman, outdoorsman and adventure seeking enthusiasts. Multiple different terrains are surrounding the camps, which include deep pine forests, groves of aspen trees, large open parks with colorful wildflowers, and some of the best high country fishing streams that Colorado has to offer. These camps range in elevation from 7500 to 11500 feet above sea level, and are remote to where cell service is non-exsistant. The camps are in areas 25, 26  & 35 where our ranches cattle are summered; therefore, we are very familiar with the terrain, watering holes, game trails and fishing holes. 

At Schlegel Guides & Outfitting, our goal is to do absolutely everything in our power to provide the best entertainment, a comfortable stay and the most memorable experience of a lifetime.  


 Our staff represents over 50 years of experience to cater to your needs. As outdoor  enthusiasts ourselves, we look to provide the best experience that we can. Whether that is getting out of city to enjoy the mountain air, trying to snag a few fish from the clear water streams, or chasing that trophy game, we look to fulfill your every need.

Our camps are either in the White River National Forest specifically in the Fattops Wilderness Area or Castle Peak Wilderness Study Area of NorthWestern Colorado. The breathtaking views, are something that can not been seen anywhere else in the world. Area 25, 26 and 35 are shown in the pictures above. The link below brings you to Burn's Colorado, where this all takes place. www.onxmaps.com has a very detailed layout of the area which shows; trails, elevation, waterways, and landmarks.  

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Under Special Use permit from the U.S. Forest Service. All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management & The White River National Forest. Schlegel Guides & Outfitting LLC Registration Number 334. Equal opportunity provider. 

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