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Flattops wilderness - Areas 25 & 26 is nestled in-between the the breathtaking views of Dome, Derby, Sheep and W Mountains.  The area is a paradise for hunters, fisherman, outdoorsman and adventure seeking enthusiasts. Multiple different terrains are surrounding the camps, which include deep pine forests, groves of aspen trees, large open parks with colorful wildflowers, and some of the best high country fishing streams that Colorado has to offer. These camps range in elevation from 8500 to 11500 feet above sea level, and are remote to where cell service is non-exsistant. The camps are in areas 25 and 26 where our ranches' cattle are summered; therefore, we are very familiar with the terrain, watering holes, game trails and fishing holes. 

Our outfitting business takes in hunters during archery, muzzle-loading, and 1st and 2nd rifle seasons. These back country, drop camps are only accessible by horseback, where there is no cell service. This country is extremely remote while rich in wildlife ranging in elk, deer, bear, moose, and big horn sheep. We have a herd of about 30 horses that we use to pack you in and out on. 


All drop camps will have ​a tent, camp stove, firewood and a shovel provided. Our guides will pack you into camp, help familiarize you of the area, pack out your game, and pack you out at the end of your stay. 

Each reservation is based on a 5-day hunt and requires minimum of 2 people per site, per season. There is a weight limit on all gear; we provide one pack horse per person which will not exceed 150 lbs. All boxes should be weighed and labeled with the weight before hand so we can evenly place the gear on the horses. If an extra horse is needed, there will be an additional charge of $250.00 for each horse. 

If you have harvested an animal, you are responsible for preparing it to be packed out of the back country; i.e., gutting, skinning, quartering, and cooling out the animal. You will need to call us to make arrangement to have your animal packed out (this is included in your fee).



DROP CAMP: $1700 per person

We require a $300.00 per person non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Please make reservation in plenty of time to reserve your campsite, as sites are limited. Upon your arrival, this deposit will be applied to your total fee due. 


This country is very beautiful in which it has rugged mountains, rocky roads, and remote trails. Please be sure to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. All of the roads in Burns, Colorado are dirt. 

If you need lodging before your majestic hunting trip begins or ends please call The Comfort Inn 970-328-7878 or The Best Western 970-328-6316.

All camp sites are at least 8500' in elevation. Please note that there is no cell phone service available, so we recommend for you to bring a SAT (satellite) phone. The terrain is rugged, rough and remote so we require this as a safety precaution to have communication. You can rent SAT phones at the link below.  There is also now a Garmin" inreach" that works really well in the Flat Tops

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